Lakes & Rivers Guide / Maps

Benzie Lakes and Rivers are Waiting For You!


Below is a table showing the types of fish typically found in Benzie County Lakes.


Crystal Lake
Perch, Lake Trout, Smelt, Whitefish, Rainbow Trout, Rock Bass

Big Platte Lake
Walleye, Pike, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, Bluegill, Perch

Little Platte Lake
Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Pike

Betsie Bay
Smallmouth Bass, Bullhead, Catfish, Salmon, Steelhead, Pike, Brown Trout

Frankfort Piers
Perch, Salmon, Trout, Whitefish

Upper Herring Lake
Walleye, Perch, Pike, Bluegill, Crappie

Lower Herring Lake
Salmon, Walleye, Pike, Perch, Catfish

Lake Ann
Good pan fishing, Bluegill, Perch , Brown Trout, Pike

Betsie River
King Salmon run from September thru October. Steelhead run November – April with the best in March and April.

Platte River
Coho Salmon run starts around Labor Day. Steelhead run November – April with the strongest push in March and April