Benzie County Water Festival

Benzie County Water Festival

February 9-17, 2019

Though typically winter is thought of as a time for hibernating, for many, it is the time to come out and play. Many fun local events await us in February, including Beulah’s annual Winterfest, and the annual Benzie County Water Festival.

The Water Festival seeks to attract, entertain, educate and activate individuals and groups within the community. We will proudly feature world-class Michigan musicians, speeches from water luminaries, interactive multimedia projects and presentations, artisan foods and beverages, workshops, visual art, theater and dance, children’s activities, and connections to campaigns and projects to protect our water locally and address global challenges. The Water Festival is an event put on by the Benzie Community Water Council.

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The mission of the Benzie Community Water Council is to insure that the waters of the county and the northwest corner of the state remain subject to the public trust doctrine, and are thus preserved and protected for the common good of the peoples and ecosystems they serve. It is our intent to work with any citizen groups and government entities committed to the common purpose of maintaining safe, clean and plentiful water for the equitable use of people, animals and plants.