Springtime in the Benzie Area

Spring in Benzie County appeared on Good Morning America's electronic billboard in Times Square!


Spring is such a wonderful time to spend time in Benzie! 

Flowers bloom, Morels pop, the fish start to run, golf opens, woods turn green and SO much more...

Come see and enjoy! 

Color returns to Northwest Michigan



As the lakes thaw and the ice breaks up and flows downriver, the Benzie area begins to bud again. Wildflowers begin to bloom with an array of spring colors. Birds are returning or passing through on their migratin journey north. The rivers hold hefty Steelhead and Brown Trout. Golf courses open again for play.

Morel Mushroom Hunting

Morel Mushrooms

Benzie is a great place to hunt for morel mushrooms in the state and national forests located here. Download or print our morel mushroom hunting tips for more information on how to find these delightful treats..

Trillium and Wildflowers Everywhere!




Wildflowers can be found in most areas including forests, dunes, meadows, and wetlands. Blooming usually begins as the ground warms in April and May. Along with the popular Trillium, other wildflowers such as jack-in-the-pulpit, lady's slippers, wild garlic, pitcher's thistle and more can be found in the Benzie area.


A walk along the shores of Lake Michigan may lead you to a petoskey stone or two. The hiking and biking trails clear which gives access to the flowers and animals in the woods. Betsie Valley Trail is a great avenue in which to view a wide variety of wildflowers as it passes through wetlands, meadows, woods, and dune areas. Wildflowers can also be seen from our rivers. Bring your canoe, or rent one, for a spring float on the Betsie or Platte River.




Stay In Benzie in the Spring. Bring your easel or camera for memories of the colorful vistas.

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